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FREE Illinois DMV Marathon Practice Test [150 Questions] 2018 | IL

The 35 multiple-choice question knowledge test for your permit or license will be offered at your local SOS office and is based on the 2018 Illinois Rules of the Road handbook. Questions will range over topics such as road signs, safe driving techniques, traffic laws, speed limits, driving under the influence, crash prevention, and more. You’ll need to answer at least 28 of the 35 questions correctly to pass the exam. If you’re 17 or younger and working on receiving your instruction permit, you’ll also need to have enrolled or have already completed a driver’s education course before you can get your instruction permit. At the SOS office, you’ll also take a vision test and be required to pay a $20 fee for your permit, or $2-30 fee for your license and you must show proof of identity, residence, and signature. This SOS practice knowledge test is set up as a marathon of all 150 possible Illinois practice test questions, which are very similar to those you’ll see on your written exam.

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